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    Hdd not detected on my i7 920 desktop

    Heya Joel, hope all's good and cheers for replying. =) Yeah, thought it was Jmicron causing the prob, i'll uninstall it just before i nuke. If you have an idea about fooling the distro that might run, post it here and i'll give it a go. I'll post here myself again if either method works, might...
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    how long on a 200gb hdd??

    Heya Zappy, i find the autonuke (shortdod) takes a little under 6 hrs on a 500gb hdd. Using this as a baseline, think it's probable your 200gb drive will take about 3/4 hrs. Heya Florila and yikes, you're scaring me bud. =) It's great to build your own pc, think you could do with a bit of...
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    Hdd not detected on my i7 920 desktop

    Heya Joel, my controller is set to IDE, it doesn't make any difference whether i use enhanced or compatible settings. Think you're right it's my storage controller tho, it's the JmIcron JMB363, it might make a difference if i switch to the Intel controller before using DBAN. Cheers for...
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    dban - i dont get what it does

    heya Rumpel. =) Dban has several options for erasing your hdd, including very secure ones like the Dod. The autonuke (dodshort) is the best option for most people, even if you're giving away a desktop or disposing of a hdd. It would cost one hell of a lot of money to resurrect data from a drive...
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    Question regarding time and possible issues

    Heya ta-leung! I think an 80 gig drive will take a little under 2 hours to wipe with the autonuke (dodshort) option. There can't ever be any absolute guarantees that damage won't occur, but as a Dban user of some years i think it's highly unlikely, none of my hdds have ever sustained damage...
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    Bad Sectors?

    Heya Yolanda, it's easy to check for bad sectors if you're running Windows. Close all open files and programs, then open computer from start menu, right click the drive you want to check and open properties in the new window which appears. Next, click on tools, then check now in the...
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    DBAN finished with non-fatal errors

    I'm pretty sure the hdd wil have been successfully wiped Peter, sounds like the verify won't have been completed tho. Think the prob is likely to be caused by and iffy drive, they're still functional to some degree tho.
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    Hdd not detected on my i7 920 desktop

    Heya! =) I have an i7 920/asus p6t desktop, sadly dban doesn't detect the hdd. I'm a very experienced user of some years so know it's a detection problem for sure, reduced to using free killdisk at the moment which ain't great. Wondering if there'll soon be an update to Dban for newer...
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    DBAN does not remove HPA/DCO

    There's an easy way to remove HPAs yourself if you're using Windows. In the Windows start menu type run in the search programs and files box, (run is one of the start menu options if you're still using xp) then click on the run icon which should be at the top of the options screen that will...