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    64/32 bit differences?

    I use Eraser (v. 5.86.1) at office in Windows 7/32 and it works flawlessly; at home, in Widows 7/64 the context menu for the trash can doesn't have the menu items for the different erasure methods to empty the bin. I used the same version of Eraser (installing it from the same file), different...
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    [Bug:] Problem with Shell Extension (right-click context menu) on Windows 10, 64bit

    I am having problems (probably a bug) with the Shell Extension of build on Windows 10, 64bit. I first installed the latest "Eraser6.2.0.2970.exe" from Sourceforge as an Administrator (the system would notify me that the runtimes included are not needed, so I just hit "Close" and the...