eraser 6.2

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    Eraser crashed

    I hope this forum is being moderated although it looks like it is mostly spam posts... I ran Eraser on a scheduled task to erase unused space on my HDD. When I came back a dialog box was open saying that eraser had stopped working and needed to be closed. My HDD had no free space but I knew...
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    Using Eraser for an encrypted portable hard drive

    Hi, I have encrypted portable hard drive using Veracrypt. I would now like to erase its contents from the drive. I have already backed up my drive so happy to lose whatever is on the drive now. Should I do a full format of the external drive and then run Eraser after to delete files/folders or...
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    Shutdown after Task? (Eraser 6.2)

    Hi! Every Month I need to erase some confidential data. I have to do this over night so they can use the system again at the next day. To make sure no data is left the system needs to be shut down to clear the RAM. I have seen that on the portable version of eraser, there is an option to...