1. J

    Unused disk space SSD

    Hi! I used Eraser to erase unused disk space on my SSD Kingston with 3 passes US Dod 5220.22-M. It finished and I used Disk drill to check that nothing can be recovered, but to my surprise Disk Drill found one hundred and six thousand files to recover. How can it be possible? I wanted to erase...
  2. I

    Completed with Warnings

    I cleared the free space on the disk and received such a warning Did my 'completed with warnings' operation fail? Or was it successfully completed? YANITLA
  3. T

    Eraser and deleting files on SSD

    I know that the technology used in HDD and SSD are different and it is difficult to permanently delete files on SSD. So curious, if I use Eraser to wipe files from an SSD drive, is the deletion 100% or remnants of the deleted file can be recovered by any software. The OS is windows 7 and Win 10.
  4. william arledge

    Eraser & the Recycle Bin on Win 7 64bit

    Good day; I recently downloaded Eraser and have found that "recurring" task on "unused area" seems to work just fine but, when I attempt to shred the Recycle Bin (either through recurring or manual or immediate) the work balloons out that it is finished but, the Recycle Bin is still full of...