Eraser & the Recycle Bin on Win 7 64bit

william arledge

New Member
Good day;
I recently downloaded Eraser and have found that "recurring" task on "unused area" seems to work just fine but, when I attempt to shred the Recycle Bin (either through recurring or manual or immediate) the work balloons out that it is finished but, the Recycle Bin is still full of stuff that needs to be shredded.
One fix I have potentially found is to create a "recurring" task for "unused areas" on Drive C:\ and just let it run.
Potentially the harm in this is the Recycle Bin may not be considered an "unused area", therefore, maybe by deleting the files from the Recycle Bin first, then letting the recurring task run will potentially get the files that have been manually deleted from the Recycle Bin and are presumably at that point in "unused areas".
I feel like I am chasing a wild rabbit on this one ......
Maybe I am just doing it all wrong.
I set up a "recurring" Recycle Bin shred, set it for midnight and this doesn't seem to touch the Recycle Bin files either.
Does Eraser "not" handle Recycle Bin items without a plug-in or something?
If you have had experience with this, I looked in the forum and couldn't find anything other than setting a "recurring" on either the Recycle Bin (which doesn't work) or on Unused Areas which I think may work but, not sure.
Thanks for your advice.
Hey David - I had the same issue on Windows 10. Here's my post from another thread - see if this works...

I was having the same problem after updating to version today... Here's how I fixed it.

1) open Windows Explorer - click on View tab - click on options
2) click on View tab - scroll down to "Hide protected system files" and un-tick this - click apply
3) in Windows Explorer go to the drive of recycle bin you want to shred and open the $Recycle.Bin folder - e.g. C:\$Recycle.Bin
4) Now open the second "Recycle Bin" folder and copy the file path displayed in Windows Explorer (it is a long string)
5) open a New Task in Eraser, Type: files in folders - paste the folder path - un-tick "eraser folder if empty"
6) go back and hide your system files

hopefully this works for you guys