recycle bin

  1. Iris Cheng

    How to Add a Windows-Like Recycle Bin to Your Android Phone

    In daily life, we often encounter data loss problems. There are many reasons for data loss, such as accidental deletion, mobile phone factory reset, memory card formatting, rooting, system upgrade, water damage, virus attack, software crash, etc. Whatever the cause, it will bring us huge losses...
  2. william arledge

    Eraser & the Recycle Bin on Win 7 64bit

    Good day; I recently downloaded Eraser and have found that "recurring" task on "unused area" seems to work just fine but, when I attempt to shred the Recycle Bin (either through recurring or manual or immediate) the work balloons out that it is finished but, the Recycle Bin is still full of...
  3. C

    Secure Deletion and the Recycle Bin

    I'm writing an article about using Eraser to securely delete files, so I was hoping I could get some clarification when the Recycle Bin comes into play. My previous understanding was that when you send a file to the Recycle Bin, Windows simply adds a metadata entry in the Recycle Bin to point...
  4. Witty Name

    command line help

    What are the command line arguments to perform a simple US DoD 7 pass of the Recycle Bin?
  5. mfvicli

    How do I delete files from recycle bin that I already emptied?

    I have emptied the recycle bin many times, and recently I've heard that police using forensics gear can access those files with ease. How do I use Eraser to write over those files? I don't know where they go after I empty the bin, so I don't know how to choose them in the program. Please help.