10 Best Free Android Data Recovery Software to Restore Deleted Files

Iris Cheng

Did you delete some important data or files on your Android phone by mistake? That is unfortunate, but don’t be sad or give your hopes up just yet you still have a chance a recover them.

Although Android phones do not have a recycle bin like Windows that can automatically store your deleted data, smart developers have developed a number of Android data recovery software and applications to address the data loss problems faced by Android users. However, with the increase in data recovery services on the market, it has become difficult to choose great data recovery software. To this end, we have carefully selected 10 best free data recovery software for Android mobiles, now recommended for everyone.

1. Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery
A powerful, user-friendly and easy-to-use data recovery software with precise algorithms and scanning technology, Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery is available on Windows and Mac computers. With it, you can recover all types of data, including contacts, messages, call records, photos, videos, music, WhatsApp and Viber chat histories, etc., which may be lost due to device rooting, accidental deletion, software crash, factory reset, virus attack, system upgrade, or other reasons.

To use this free Android data recovery software to recover deleted files, you will have to first download it on your computer. Then, you need to connect your phone to the computer and open the software. Select the file types that you want to recover and hit Next. Scan for the files that got deleted. The software will show all the files that you lost and then you can manually select the ones that you want to recover. Hit recover and wait until the process is complete.


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If we can restore almost all deleted data on Android phone, it's the best Android Data Recovery tool, but for deleted Android data, we should ignore the data overwritten, don't use the Android phone after data deleted. And connect the Android phone to the computer, the tool will scan Android phone device storage or SD card to scan out deleted Android data.
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When you accident deleted some important files, how are you going to how to recover android files from your internal memory on your Android device? Android data recovery can help you recover lost photos, video, audio, songs, message, contacts, call logs and so on. The steps are easy to follow with three simple steps: Connect Android phone to computer > Scan the phone data > Preview and recover android data.
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