100% disc usage and errors with Ink files.


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I'm sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

Eraser version: 6.0.10.
My system specification: WD Caviar 1TB SATA3, Intel Core i5-4440 and 4GB DDR3 of ram.
Operating system: Windows 8.1

Would it be possible to create option to be able to set maximum disc usage during erasing? When I erase small files (1GB), there is (rather) no problem because it takes just a short while. But when I erase a dozen or so gigabytes, my PC is literally freezes due to aggressive 100% disc usage. Small programs like foobar2000 are launching for 30-45 seconds (and then, even the sound is freezing), firefox is freezing for a minute or longer, etc. Erasing a dozen or so gigabytes consumes A LOT of time, during that time I can't do anything on my PC.

One more thing. I get a lot of errors when I trying to erase recycle bin, all of them are related to the *.Ink files, they "could not be erased due to limited access to the file". Just wanna let you know.