18 hours & still counting



Just wanted to touch bases with someone to be sure I am doing this disk eraser correctly.

This program has been running for 18 hours, 15 minutes with the same message (04.72%, round 1 of 1, pass 1 of 7)(writing) (20963 B/s).

Is this normal?
I don't think so.

I have a 10 gig drive that was done with a quick pass in 15-20 minutes.

How big is your drive? At 18 hours, the percentage should have moved even if it were one of the new 400 gig drives.

Try reset. Boot, FDisk (or partition), format, copy a bunch of junk files, then try DBAN again. Try SpinRite too. (www.grc.com, but its not free.)

lol you better go ahead and cancel and choose a lighter setting because you probably selected a setting way to high. rofl 18 hours and your in step 1/7 and not even 5% done with first step, itll take you months like that..

DOD 7x took me a rate of
1.5 gigs / hour on HDD ranging from 3-13 gigs

The 35x Gutmann well I didn't get through a HDD, but I believe it was on track of 5xDOD speed, or 1.5 gigs / 5 hours.