2 problems with eraser


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I let eraser go through a 3 pass wipe of the unused disk space on my c drive over night. When I went to check on it this morning it said it had completed but with errors. After rebooting my laptop its now telling me that I have very low disk space left (under 2 mb) and when I use a program such as win undelete its still showing that all the files that were supposed to be permanently deleted, are still able to be retrieved. When using eraser on my desk top a 3 pass delete was more than enough to not allow anything to be retrieved win undelete and the low disk space error always went away after a reboot.

So the update is that i managed to fix the missing disk space problem after going through the faq. The faq also addressed my other problem, but I didn't have the plausible deniability option on and the files are still recoverable. In my case is this due to a lack of disk space causing eraser to not finish properly? I let this 3 pass run over night after a previous 3 pass seemed to freeze midway through. I would think that after about half a 3 pass and then a full one over night, would at least cause some files to be unrecoverable, but the same amount of files are recoverable now with win undelete as before I ran any passes.
Yes, if the task completed with errors the contents of files may not have been successfully cleaned. You would have to re-run the task until the task completes (which admittedly is difficult on a system volume)