2 Start ups on reboot



Recently my copy of Eraser started loading twice on a reboot, so that 2 Eraser Icons are in the task bar. When I used msconfig to see what was happening, it showed that the prgm was listed twice as a Start Up Item - thus starting up twice. If I remove the check box from one of the 2 lines, it starts normally again - but the dual startup is still in the profile. I checked the C: drive where Eraser is loaded, but found only one copy, of eraser.exe, so I don't know how this could have happened. Has anyone else had a similar occurance? Any suggestions on how to safely stop the second exe program & remove it from the startup profile? I'm running Eraser 5.7 on Window XP Home Dell PC. Thanks
Eraser.exe -hide is what I have trying to get in my start up

After I use erarser [which I love]

I find this entry keeps trying to make it to my startup list:
eraser.exe -hide

What is this?
Why does it always occur?