22a88dc.msi ???


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:( I just installed eraser on windows 7, 64bits.
I don't need it anymore, so i wanted to uninstall.
But when i try to do so, a window appears and says: do you allow this program to make software updates? The name of the program is 22a88dc.msi and it's on register to Joel Low Open Source Developer.
So... what is it about? Can i just uninstall it? (I really want to do so) If i say no, i don't want to, it just doesn't do anything.

Thanks! :roll:
.msi is the extension of an installer, and Joel Low is the name of the Eraser developer. My guess (because I don't know the actual file names) is that the file in question is the uninstaller you need to run to remove Eraser. The message you are getting either came from Windows or your security software, most likely the former. Let the .msi file run, and it should do its job.

When Windows caches the MSIs, they ignore the original msi filename and generate a new one, 22a88dc in your case. It's just the name of the installer file.