3 questions



Great program but I've 3 questions:

1 - What does it mean - cluster tips in wipe free space

2- if file is erased 4 ex. 7 times, is it overwritten 7 times with different files, or just a piece of crap ? Because when I removed one file, i still was able to recover it (FAT32)

3 Is this the same, when I erase files manually bo the context menu and when erasing them from recycle bin? (the same partition)
1. Read the help file bundled with the software. You'll learn a lot about overwriting.

2. I don't understand you. But anything erased by Eraser cannot be recovered by software. What you recovered would have been a copy of the file. Usually with any file you open, another copy is made. For example: When you use MS Paint, or Microsoft Word, copies of the files you used/made are stored on your computer. Not all software does it, but there are a lot out there.

3. Yes.