3 ware


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Sorry for posting this twice(it is also on SF), I don't know where the better place to put this is though and these forums seem to be more active and are back up.

I have a number of machines I want to scrub and DBAN seems to be the best choice, unfortunately they are using 3 Ware RAID cards: 3 ware 9500S-8 which works with the 3w_9xxx under FC4. Not surprisingly, DBAN does not see this hardware. So my question is a couple parts:

1) What would be required for DBAN to support this hardware? Is it just a matter of loading adding the driver to the ISO and loading it? Would it require other changes to DBAN or some other part?

2) How difficult would it be for me to do this? Would it be a relatively simple matter of rebuilding the CD with the new components or would it be more problematic?

Thanks in advance for any help/insight you can give.