320GB SATA drive taking OVER 120hrs?


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so last night i burnt a DBAN boot disk, booted it up, ran 'AUTONUKE,' left it and went to bed. this morning i woke up 7 hrs later, and its at 5.79%. writing at 3992 kb/s and its stating there's over 116hrs left. correct me if im wrong, but there's no reason for it to take this long correct? i do not have another 116hrs to wait. what are my options? reset the computer and either run it again or just pop in the vista dvd and install a clean version of Vista x64 ---> let vista format the HD?

Just turn off your computer and start it again.

When DBAN boots set the wipe method to a single pass and run it.

A single pseudorandom pass will defeat all software recovery programs and probably cause the NSA some problems too !! :lol:
I have the same problem. And I do notice that my CPU load is > 2 (for my dual core, which is a real... weird thing). I think there are issues with the SATA/SCSI driver...