32bit context on 64bit system


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ok this has been driving me crazy for sometime now, when using 32bit file explorers (explorer replacement) such as xyplorer it can only access the 32bit context menu even if the system is 64bit, meaning if you install eraser 64bit it wont show the menu under xyplorer, the only way to work around this is to take the Eraser.Shell.dll from the 32bit eraser and replace the 64bit one then regsvr32 it, but this will remove the 64bit context in windows explorer

so the only real solution is for eraser to add support or a seperate dll for both 32 & 64bit context menus, alot of other software already do this such as bcwipe, winrar ...etc

You can copy the Eraser.Shell.dll into a different folder, or even rename it, and call regsvr32 /i Eraser.Shell.dll (or whatever you call it)

A complete solution would be to allow the user to install both the 32 and 64 bit binaries. You can open a ticket on Trac for this.