35 pass guttman


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When i used guttman before with the old version of Eraser it took a time to delete files.
But now they get removed in 1 second, it's same if i use the 1 pass.

So is the files really deleted?
If i add to the schedule to manually and then choose guttman, it takes 1 second too.

And this settings, is that the guttman that i use if i rightclick Eraser > and take Erase?
To test whether the files are really erased, try to recover them with an application such as Recuva.

Depending on the file sizes, erasing can be pretty quick, even using Gutmann (which, IMO, is gross overkill for ordinary use). But your times sound a bit quick to me. Do the test; if they're gone, they're gone. If not, please report back, with any error messages and what you find in the task log. Note that, for production use, you should be using Eraser 6.0.7, not a development build.

If it seems to be too fast to be true, check whether any errors was raised in the task log. If the task "magically" disappears, it succeeded. You can also go back to the file and see if it is still there.