5.86A says beta on install, I thought it was stable release


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Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if anyone can please help me with the following...

I downloaded version 5.86a which I thought was the latest stable release, but on install, it said that it was a beta in the terms section. In the terms section it also says that it's version 5.86 and this is also what it says when I right click on the file and check the file version under properties. I downloaded version 5.86a from the link on this page http://www.heidi.ie/node/14

What is the latest stable version ? Do I actually have it, is the beta notation in the terms section a misprint ? Why does the link say it's version 5.86a and the actual file says it's 5.86 ?

I tried to go to the FAQ section of this forum but the FAQ section does not appear to exist. I see version 5.84 is also available and it's a much smaller download. What's the main difference between 5.84 and 5.86a ?

I just want a good stable version that will securely wipe files & data, I don't want to test a beta. I also want to use eraser with sandboxie so if anyone has any experience with that, please advise as to whether any one version is better than the other.

I would appreciate any feedback as to which version I should download and use.

Hi John.

John said:
“is the beta notation in the terms section a misprint ?”

I believe this to be the case. Eraser 5.86a is the latest release and is available here.