6.0.10 GUI hangs (HDD active) on W7/64

Pat Trainor

New Member

Just as the subject says, the GUI hangs-but it is only hanging on long term jobs, like erase all empty space. On Recycle bin, it is as fast as expected. It will freeze at arbitrary points, 7%, 17%, 42%, each time it's different.

What sucks is that the HDD is going full speed, but the % done and remaining time estimates are stuck. This even after running all afternoon & through the night. It also won't respond to cancel/shut window, and I hate to pull the thread out from under it, but I have no choice.

This is very consistent, duplicated at will. It's not like I doubt Eraser is ...erasing; It's more like I'd like to know at least how far along it is so I can estimate other things to do with the system.

I don't have the apparently common problem of Eraser not working/crashing; Instead I seem to have the opposite issue! :)

Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks in advance, and for the excellent product.