6.0.10 - update problem


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There is propably some bug with update...

Previously I had installed 6.0.8 version. I checked if newer version is availaible - it was. I ordered to download it. But after installation process - there was problem, because I couldn't close window of Eraser, because setup program of newer Eraser was opened.

Then I closed Erasor and manually installed newest revision of 6.0.10. Next problem - after checking for newer updates - I receive info, that I have newer version to install. But... this is identicall the same version ! And I cannot install it either, because the same sittuation as in 6.0.8 revision - is it not possible to close Eraser windows during installation and installer during validating is stopping because of open Eraser windows...

So I suppose - this is not problem of my PC.

I use Eraser on Windows XP SP3.
This has already been reported here and in other places. Please search before posting in future.