6.1/6.2 Builds


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This may be a stupid question, but I don't see any of the later branch builds still available. What happened to the 6.1/6.2 branches (that could secure erase an entire drive or partition)?
There was a server compromise a few weeks ago. A migration to a new server is happening, but slowly. Joel, who has had very little time to give to Eraser for more than a year now, will restore the links to the beta builds when he can. I understand that all the material that was on the compromised server has to be checked.

At least 6.0.8 is downloadable. That means that, if the server compromise was in any way motivated by a desire to limit the use of Eraser, it has not succeeded.

Yes -- we need to procure a new server of sorts for it to run the Eraser builds and host the Trac system. It'll take a while seeing that both Garrett and I are really busy.