64-bit x64 versus ia64


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I couldn't see quite where to post this, so this spot is my best guess.

I've just set up Windows XP 64-bit, and so I went to download the 64-bit version of Eraser. All looks good until you are almost ready to press for download, when you notice the file is for ia64, which was the Itanium thing, not the same animal as 64.

I think I'll just go with Eraser 32-bit.

(1) I'd really like to more about this.

(2) More important, I think Eraser's would-be patrons running 64-bit would like to be able to quickly and easily find a paragraph under, say, Supported Systems (or whatever) that lets them know right off the top what they should be installing.

Sorry where did you see this download? We don't release ia64 binaries to the best of my knowledge, only x64. Also, which version of Eraser did you download?

Hi, Joel,

If a person Googles the single word Eraser, the second entry Google displays is
Download Eraser | Heidi - Internet Security and Privacy.

If he goes there, he finds himself at
and the top entry under "Download Eraser" there reads
Eraser 5.86a for Windows 2000, 2003, XP & Vista (32 & 64 Bit)

If he presses on that download, he is taken to SourceForge, where he is offered

These are for the 5.86a release.
Reading along the line for the 32-bit version, he sees, under "Architecture", i386.
BUT, reading along the line for EraserSetup64.exe, under "Architecture", he reads IA64. And IA = Itanium: nothing more and nothing less.
OK I think it is a documentation error. I'll inform Garrett.