9gb of used files left on drive?


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I recently downloaded eraser because I had a raid array where one hard drive started showing error messages. I wanted to erase the drive before sending it back for replacement under warranty. I have completed the erase procedure, but it seems like there still about 9gb used on the drive, 32 files in 5 folders. Is this something I need to worry about? How would I erase these files and folders? When I go into eraser, it does not show any used file space, the icon is dimmed. I have erased all of the unused space, but apparently there is still some used space. According to Avast, the files are systemvolumeinformation\restore info on the drive.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Those files are from System Restore. You'll need to disable System restore before running the free space erase to ensure the drive is completely wiped clean. Alternatively, use DBAN to get rid of the entire drive, but that'll require even more technical skill, however.


Thank you very much! I did more research yesterday after sending the post, I did turn off system restore on that drive, and reran eraser, now I have all of the drive erased! How do I confirm that the drive is really erased?
You can try running Recuva or Restoration and see if they can find anything, if that helps.