a few upper level questions please help


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I just had a couple questions for those who know alot more about this program than i do. thanx for your time.

a.if darik's erases my whole hard disk, than how does my computer know the current time when i re-install windows?

b.when i start the boot and nuke process, i get a message among the other messages that says "unknown bridge resource 2.....assuming transparent" , does that mean it is not all getting erased?

c. what would be the most rigorous recovery program to purchase or download in order to test out darik's boot and nuke?

again, i really appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer these questions, i have some really stubborn pop ups from some disgusting sights that are making it hard to surf,

thanks for your help
1. Date & time is stored on your motherboard in the CMOS and is backed up by a watch type battery. Windows (and linux etc) pull the date & time from here not your hard drive.

2. Dont know.

3. Probably Encase.

Other more informed people will no doubt give you better answers.