A Novice - Please Help


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I am concerned about hackers. Some strange viruses have tried to attach themselves. I installed Eraser From what I understand, I right click on the C and D drive to utilize the program. Is says task completed with errors. I downloaded the most complete version. I have also looked up manual for help. I am a novice and need help. Could you please?
Please go to the FAQ (link below), and read the sticky topic entitled 'Getting to know Eraser 6'. That will give you the basic information on working the program.

Eraser is not for detecting or deleting malware. If you think you have a virus, run a scan with your antivirus (which you should have and should keep up to date). Alternatively, use one of the many online malware checkers. But be warned: viruses etc. can completely take over unprotected syatems, and sometimes can only be removed with professional help or, in extreme cases, formatting and completely reinstalling your system.