A question on overwriting unused disk space


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My hard-drive has two partitions, one is NTFS on which XP is installed, and the other is FAT32. My FAT32 partition stores Back-Up data and is hidden so that it dose not have a drive letter and appears as "free space" in XP Disk Management.

If I use eraser to overwrite free space on my XP partiton will it also over write my back-up partition?
Why does the fat32 partition showup as freespace if it stores you backup data. If the partition has data on it, It can't be freespace.
A typical Windows XP OS backup should be roughly 2.4 GB used, e.g., a FAT32 with Capacity = 3GB and Free Space = 600 MB.

I've used Eraser 5.7 to erase freespace on my C:\ drive dozens of times with no problem. It never touched my other partitions (a FAT and a FAT32 without volume labels). I also have a NTFS volume D:\ which I've erased without affecting C:\ , the FAT or FAT32.