A quick question



I have a small question (forgive me if it is pretty stupid). If I want to use the PRNG method for 20 rounds but I accidently run 8 instead. Then I decide to run DBAN one more time with the correct number of rounds (20) will that still overwrite(or affect) the data that used 8 rounds from the old partition?

The reason I'm asking is because I realized that I forgot to configure the syslunix.cfg for 20 rounds when DBAN started running using the default for 8 rounds. If I run DBAN one more time using the correct configuration ( 20 rounds ) after I formatted and partitioned, will that still overwrite the data that used the default number of rounds ( 8 ) or should I not waste my time?

Thanks and please forgive me about my english skills (second language).
Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. My computer hard drive is fairly small (7GB) since it's an old computer and all, so it only took 1&1/2 hour for the standard PRNG pass. I'm planning in selling this computer soon, is 8 rounds enough for standard security or should I make sure by using 20 rounds (around 3 hours or so)?

Some people around here said that 8 rounds is enough while some other reported that it isn't secure. I don't think the person I'm selling this computer is a hacker or anything (lol) so I guess 8 rounds is fine right? If it isn't, I guess an extra hour and 1/2 doesn't hurt compared to some people wait times around here ( I think I saw posters reporting 20 hours of wait :shock: ) .
3 rounds is more than enough. I don't know of anyone that can retrieve real data after even 1 pass. I have heard people expound theory after theory, but no actual results. The stuff about magnetic microscopy is for the most secretive federal spooks and even then I doubt they could come up with much.