about Eraser...



Is eraser a file shredder or not??
Can anyone explain how it works??

ll_myr :D
I hate to be rude but have you read the Eraser Helpfile? If not, have a good read,and if any further queries,come back to us!
yes, it is

Yes, Eraser is a file shredder. If you have installed it properly, you can shred any file via a right click on your mouse buton. When you right click, you'll see an "erase" option, just click on it and Eraser will do the rest...just click OK at the screen prompts. If you wish to customize Eraser, click on "Easer" from the programs menu when you left click on the "Start" button in the lower lefthand section of your screen. Just click on the "Help" section within Eraser and it will give you a tutorial.