Accidentally erased important files


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I named a folder on my desktop alt+0160 (the invisible letter) but it turned out I already had a folder named that so now I had 2 but couldn't delete them, I used eraser to delete one of them but instead it deleted alot of other important files I had on my desktop........

Is there anyway to restore them?

Please help. My smartphone recently bugged and I saved all my contact lists notes and sms on my desktop for when I get it back from repair. :( :(

this blows please help
I've amended your thread title since the old thread title was completely misleading. This problem was not caused by a problem in Eraser, rather, it is more of an accidental miserasure of file (because of visibly identical file names)

In short, no. The whole idea of Eraser is to destroy data irrecoverably. If data can still be found, that would mean Eraser has failed in its tasking.