Adivsory: Eraser v582 causes windows xp to freeze


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I was running an older version of eraser with no problems.
After installing v582 to my computer, every time I right-click on files or folders, windows freezes.
In order to continue working I had to ctrl+alt+del then stop the explorer.exe process, then restart explorer.exe.
After uninstalling v 582, the problem went away.
don't know if this is common problem but eraser 582 was definitely the cause.
windows freezes every time

I noticed the same problem. When I click right to erase the file, windows xp home and win xp pro freezes. I tried to install eraser on each drives of my computers including usb flash but system still freezes. Why? I hope someone will solve this problem.
eraser is a great little tool but has been doing this to me too.

Anyone know if there are any plans to fix this?

I have uninstalled and will not install another version until this is fixed as it is a real pain.