After a reboot Eraser fails to start in admin mode.


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I read the thread "Tasks completed with errors??" and followed the directions to start Eraser in administration mode.

The problem is when I reboot the system and log back into Windows, the new copy of Eraser is again generating the errors listed in the other thread (see above). From what I can tell when Eraser restarts itself, it is NOT starting in admin mode.

I think the problem will also occur when you logout and back into Windows without restarting the system. Thus far my testing has been with full restarts.

Finally, the recycle bin stays visually full but when I open it the files are missing. I don't know their status at all. Eraser says it couldn't erase them, but I can't find them in the recycle bin. My fear is they're still in system, but simply stuck. At worse, this condition is eating up disk space and most likely they're gone but with the normal recycle method (of deleting the pointers only).

Question is: How do I get Eraser to run in Admin mode after a reboot and/or logout / log back into Windows?

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