After Erasing, many files still recoverable

John Hanley

New Member
Eraser Version Windows 8.1.

I erased my 2TB C:\ drive ‘Unused disk space’ for about 12 hours. Then I canceled the program to see what had transpired. I did not turn on the "replace erased files with following files to allow Plausible deniability". I then used a recovery program (Recuva) to see what was still available. Many dozens of files were still recoverable, with previews still available. Many image files were viewable in the Recuva preview. In other words, many files still recoverable. There were no error messages or indications of problems.

From the Task Log --
Almost all the information messages in the Task Log had to do with “xxxx did not have its cluster tips erased because…” One message at the beginning said: “Warning: This computer has had System Restore or Volume Shadow Copies enabled. This may allow copies of files stored on the disk to be recovered and pose a security concern. Perhaps that is the issue?

Or perhaps I just did not let it run long enough?
Yeah, I agree with you. There is a video about a recovery tool. It says to recover data from a hard drive even you formated it.