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When I use ERASER will it erase the whole of my disk including the VISTA OS installed at purchase?The reason for my question is that I wish to wipe the whole of my disk before I pass my laptop onto my nephew,however-and as with most PC/Laptops these days-I do not have an original OS CDROM/DVD as it was preinstalled.I do,however,have a recovery disk.My opologies for my lack of knowledge for what is probably a simple question for most of you.
I had the same question and nobody answered so I started to run it then canceled it a second later... But too late- it had already fucked up shit that took me days to unfuck.

i've had the same problem with Windows XP family and professionnal.

It seems that when i was trying to erase the corb with "1st/last 2K", after the reboot, the NTFS disk just "disappaered"
i could recover the date with a fixboot fixmbr from the windows recovery CD.
For me, It appears 3 times, on 2 different computers.

Seems to be a bug, but that bug description topci was closed by the admin ("NTFS crashed after eraser")..

it's a pitty, i was using eraser for years.. and i've found no other product for such things.

@bootnecksbs: no you'll need DBAN for that.
@Noway: yes it's fixed in the beta.