Alternate Data Streams causing locked files


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I have posted previously about an issue with the erasing of single files with them reporting being locked (I messed around with erasers code and the error passed is ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION, I know next to nothing of windows programming so I dunno if thats of any interest)

The specifics are odd with exe files being erased and files on the desktop being erased but any other single file erase attempt causes a lock or atleast has the random possibility of locking, recently its been pretty much guaranteed.

Anyway I finally got around to exhaustively testing stuff and found that the Alternate Data Streams option was the culprit with it off I've had no locked files.

OS: XP x64 SP2
Eraser: 5.86a have had this issue since 5.84 but I hadn't upgraded for some time before and can't recall what the previous version was and if I was using it on x64

(sorry if I should have reused my old post or perhaps posted this in bugs)