Am having trouble creating floppy disk or CDROM.


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Hi Guys, I hope that someone can help me. I have used dban for at least three years without any problems at all. I have even had to download it two or three times and recreate a new floppy. On all occasions I have followed all directions and the process was completed without a hitch.

However this time I need a new floppy or CDROM but no matter how I download it I am unable to create a new copy ready to use on my HD.

This might seem longwinded but the only difference that I can think of is that I had to download Winzip this time to unzip the file. I am new to this type of software so I might be using it wrong.

Please can anyone help me or point me in the direction of a direct download. My System is 1.8g Procesor and 80g HD with 512 DDR ram. If this makes any difference? Many thanks LQ
Which DBAN release are you using?

The dban-1.0.6 release should not be unzipped unless you are trying to create the floppy media on a Linux computer. Just double-click the EXE file.