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When I go to create a recurring task, the schedule tab of "task properties" has (at the top) a box labeled "run this task at". It has little tiny arrows to raise or lower the number selected (sorry, I forget what this control is called, though I've certainly seen it before). Trouble is, the times that appear are things like "2:18". No am/pm, and no matter how much I scroll with the arrows, no "14:18" either. I THINK that what's happening may be that it's doing 12 hours twice, but without the AM/PM to distinguish them. I just saw a task finish running that I had intended to run in the MORNING :).

As a workaround, I backed up 12 hours, which if my theory is right will have taken me to 02:18 AM.

However, there's clearly some kind of minor control configuration / initialization bug.

I'm running Eraser 6.0.8 on Windows XP64. The system is generally configured for a US locale, but I have changed the date and time default formats; a screenshot of the Regional and Language Options dialog is attached to show exactly how I have those configured.


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Can you grab a screenshot of the Eraser schedule dialog?