annoying as hell shell new menu


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i m not sure where to post this, but personally i am like a super-power user and like super customizing things, especially xp, but eraser keeps adding itself to the right click shell in the area where you go to create a new folder, text file, etc. i have gone into the registry countless times and removed it, low and behold, the next time i start eraser, it re-adds that to the menu after i removed it. i find it REALLY annoying and honestly, i love eraser, but have had to uninstall it solely for that reason. and am currently still searching for a replacement file shredder that does not do this
Best thing to do would be to open a ticket and request that this context menu addition be optional. It was done for the recylce bin menu in the 5.87 beta so I can't see why it couldn't be done for this also. It may be a 6.0 option though as currently 5.x is bug fix only. Hang in there, it will be worth it and at the end of the day it is only two additional menu entries.
If my memory serves no code does that. I believe you're probably removing the wrong entries. Did you make sure you also unreigstered the CLSID from HKCR?

I'll check the code now.

Searching for CLSID in the Eraser sources turns up nothing - The program (nor its DLLs) are adding it back as far as I can see. Have you seen the sources?

it repeatedly edits the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ers and adds a new key called "ShellNew" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ers\ShellNew] it also sets a binary value in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Discardable\PostSetup\ShellNew] (caused by the above registry entry)
...Try removing both keys and TERMINATING explorer? Does that work?