Any other possibilities?


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I recently bought a computer, and I want to use DBAN to wipe the hard drive of my old computer.

However, I am having some difficulties with the old computer. My floppy disc drive and my cdrom drive are inoperative.

When I try to boot from my DVD drive the screen reads something like:
Atapi CDROM Drive 1.44 floppy

And that's as far as it gets.

I tried installing DBAN on my USB stick, but there was no option for this. The BIOS only has options for USB floppy and ZIP drives.

Is there any other way to get DBAN to work?

Thanks in advance :)

(By the way, I am sure my CD is good, because I tried in on my new computer and it booted up fine).

Actually, I have gotten DBAN to boot up one time.

When it booted, I pressed the "Interactive Mode" key.

The kernel started booting, and then it failed with a
"crc error: system halted message."

I am using Windows XP on an HP7955 (1.5 Gig processor, 768meg mem). I'm using DBAN 1.0.6 burned onto a CD-R.

for some reason I have been able to get my drive working well enough to boot and do the Autonuke wipe mode.

Thanks for your time for those who read my posts but weren't able to help. I don't know if there would have been a solution if my drive hadn't started working.

The CRC error indicates that the memory or CPU in this computer is bad. When these parts fail entirely, you'll probably lose some data.