any other way to use dban except cd or floppy?

DBAN can be started from a USB device if the motherboard BIOS supports it. Putting DBAN on a USB device requires some extra work, however. Search the forum for "loadlin" and "usb".

A better choice would be to put the disk in a non-broken computer.
thanks but i got by cd drive working it seems to be running fine then i get to a part that says:using Dpms DOS protected mode services,
cache size 7670kb (xms)
and a couple other things and gives me these options
i tried typing all off them but it told me command or file name not recognized
im goona search for what to do on the fourm but if you see this please help me out. i also wanted to thank you for before

would it maybe be posible to run it from a terminal server?

If i have think clients set up (sans cd/floppy drives, but some have hard drives) could they run DBAN from the terminal server?
Launching DBAN from inside Microsoft Windows is a planned enhancement that is not currently available.

The solution here likely involves wrapping DBAN in a PXE loader, if the terminals support it, which will be somewhat difficult.

If disk in the terminal client is not the Microsoft Windows system disk, then you could create an empty filesystem in it and use the Heidi Eraser product to wipe it. This could be automated with VBscript.
ok, got the DBAN kernel to network boot. Had some trouble with it at first, but in hindsight it wasnt an overly difficult thing.

I found the K12 Linux Distro (K12 LTSP) to be a good one with which to set up the network boot.

I had tried using a windows server to do it, but found Linux a MUCH easier solution