Any problem with my using Eraser 5.82?


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I remember there was one particular Eraser version that had some major problems. I seems 5.82 is the version I was using before without trouble on a stolen laptop. However, I find no references to it on the site. Was something wrong with 8.2? I still have the setup files and it worked fine. I hate to mess with something that wasn't broken. Is there a big difference to what is available now? other quick question....the changes seem to no longer be detailed at . It stopped at 5.84/Vista and 5.83/Beta.

Thanks...I have always loved Eraser!
I can't remember what changed - but as with most programs newer is better.

As for the history, I'm sorry I've been releasing new versions for the last few months but don't know all the places where change logs are kept. I do maintain the change log in the SVN repository and in Update posts in the Updates sub-forum. The changes should be there.

Gerardm said:
Was something wrong with 8.2?

I think you may be referring to the first and last 2kb error. This has now been fixed by Joel. Personally I always employ the latest version.
Which may introduce new bugs, but I guess it's better than old ones, lol.