any way to log results?


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I need to run Eraser every night as part of a batch process that is controlled by custom bat files of mine.

Currently, I am using Eraser Launcher via a bat file line like
	eraserl  -disk G:  -method Random 1  -resultsonerror  -queue
But what I REALLY want is for its results to be written to a log file of some sort, and NOT to a gui window. Is there anyway that I can do this?

Even if Eraser would just write its results to stdout and stderr that would suffice, since then I could pipe those into files.

If there is no way to do this at present, let me know and I will repost this to the suggestion forum.
Overwriter said:
Is this thread any use to you ?

I actually found that link before posting, and should have cited it, sorry.

It does not appear to be exactly equal to what I want: that guy is talking about logging what particular files get truly erased.

In contrast, my batch process does not erase any files per se--I am interested in wiping free space instead. I know what disks I am wiping, so there is no need to log that specifically.

But I do want to log to a file any output that is generated by the program, especially any warnings/errors, but even routine stuff like "the wiping run started at ttt and finished successfully at uuu".

I think that Eraser could easily be modified to satisfy both that other guy and me simply by adding an option to log everything to some stream (stdout and stderr, or files of your choice).

Should I repost this to the suggestions forum?
captainmidnight said:
Should I repost this to the suggestions forum?

Yes, that’s probably the best thing to do. Although Eraser V5x has a “feature freeze” due to Eraser V6 being under development. Perhaps your request may be easy enough to slip in before V6 ! :wink: