auto reboot after wiping help please....

hi, hope all is well.

dban is a great product. however, it doesnt do 1 thing that i need it too...i need it to automatically reboot the PC after it finishes wiping it.

i can do this in dos, but not in linux as i am a linux newbie. i believe the command is "init 6" in linux. however, i am used to a dos environment with autoexec.bat etc...and of course, linux doesnt use this. i dont know how to edit the linux script (or whatever it is) to reboot after a wipe.

there are 2 solutions i can think of for this,
1) kick off dban from a dos autoexec.bat and then use a reboot command from the dos script that i am familiar with....i have read in this forum it is possible to run dban from dos but no actual info on how to do it
2) get someone to help me edit the linux script to make it reboot.

if anybody can help, it would be much appreciated.