Autonuke: DoD Short with 1 Round, 3 Passes; Safe to sell?


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I was reading some posts and thought that the default autonuke goes through with 9 passes. But when I actually performed the command, it's only going through 1 round and 3 passes. The method is DoD Short. Is this safe? It doesn't seem as safe as the 9 passes that I was reading about. Is the DoD short method safe enough to sell the drive? Will software recovery programs be able to recover data? How difficult would it be to recover DoD Short erased data.

Sorry if these questions have been asked. I did a search and didn't get adequate enough anwers.

Thank You!
It is fine. Even one pass renders data unrecoverable. A lot of hullabaloo has been generated over reports from years ago using older media. Today, using professional forensics programs, I have been unable to recover any useful data after even one pass of pseudorandom data. You can overwrite multiple times, but in my opinion (based on testing) it doesn't give you any more protection. It is like hitting the clear key on your calculator multiple times.

If anyone can demonstrate (that is with actual imaging and testing) that this is not true, I'm more than happy to try to replicate your results.
Gralfus, I'm curious about what forensics program you used,version and what options you had turned on,as it seems unreasonable to make a judgement regarding anyone's privacy or information without analisys and thought through methods.