autonuke with audible completion notice

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I'm looking to sanitize the drives on a LOT of workstations, so many that i don't even want to plug a keyboard and monitor into them.

Following the autonuke process is there any way to get a PC to create an audible tone through the PC speaker at the "completed, press Enter" prompt? So I will know it's done and can unplug it and move to the next workstation.

This feature is easy to add. If the rc script echos the BEL character to the console after dwipe returns, then the speaker will beep.

IIRC, this feature was in a beta release, but there were three problems with it:

- It is difficult to distinguish success from failure.
- It can cause flakey computers to crash.
- Users complained about it.

You can pull the DBAN floppy and use it on a different computer after you see the "Loading the kernel. Please wait..." message. If you're running headless, then this would be the second time that the floppy disks is accessed.