autorun DBAN option


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Hi, is it possible to have DBAN run automatically on bootup ? I have an old PC that is flaky at best and before donating it would like to wipe it. I created a boot disc which loads fine, but the usb keyboard (and mouse for that matter) are not working.
Short answer: no. DBAN contains its own OS (that's how it can wipe the system drive), and the USB drivers are not compatible with your machine. DBAN does not run under any other OS, on bootup or otherwise.

Assuming you don't want to mess with installing different drivers into DBAN (and the nature of your question suggests to me that you don't), you have two options:
  • get, or borrow, a cheap PS2 keyboard (and maybe mouse), which will probably work;
  • take the drive(s) out of the machine, put it/them in a USB caddy and connect them to another machine, format them, then use Eraser to wipe the free space.
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Alternatively, it may be the case that the BIOS doesn't know how to handle USB keyboards. In any case, David's suggestions should work.