Bad Captcha Processing


Using the envelope icon at the bottom of the downloads page at, I tried to send a message to the Eraser team. I very carefully input the Captcha string (which was much more legible than many others). When I selected Send, however, the Web page returned a note that the input was invalid. I tried this several times without any success.

As for the message I attempted to send, see my posting to the Eraser Update Alerts forum with the subject "Eraser" and the date 5 September 2015. It is at
Ditto; I had three very simple Captcha's and each one failed.

Very disappointing that the developers have jumped into bed with Captcha; they're spawn from the devil's own seed.

Maybe there's a kickback for using the "technology"?
mmm seems the caching system blocks the captcha - will have to investigate
You can PM me on the forum instead