Bad Sectors?


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Hey I'm giving a PC away and I want to know if, after DBAN has done it's scrubbing, data can still be recovered from "Bad Sectors". I read that it can. How do I know if my harddisk has such things. Does DBAN detect them? Does it overwrite them? If it doesn't is there a way to know if you have Bad Sectors on your Harddisk. There is no point using DBAN if data can still be recovered from these bad sectors. So please help. Thanks.
Heya Yolanda, it's easy to check for bad sectors if you're running Windows. Close all open files and programs, then open computer from start menu, right click the drive you want to check and open properties in the new window which appears. Next, click on tools, then check now in the Error-checking option. In the new window select scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

Alternatively you can download and burn s/ware that does it for you, like hdat 2.