basic shredding questions



I want to wipe out personal information on a hard drive.

If, for example, I shred the outlook express address book, will OE have a blank address book, or will the file be "deleted". If it is deleted, how do I create a new address book?

I have similar questions for the OE folders [ inbox.dbx , for example ], the Quicken & QuickBooks files.

I know how to shred individual files & folders I have created.

Windows XP Home, 0 SP
Athlon 1.8 GHZ
1.0 GB ram
80 GB IDE hard drive.

Please feel free to correct any / all mis-conceptions I may have about file shredding. I'm here to learn. After all, I am a beginner at this computer stuff.

Thanks for your help.


Shredding e-mails etc

Hi Beginner123!,
I can`t answer your question directly,as I use Win98 and Eudora for e-mails-sorry about that,but bits of info can be scattered all over a HD,so maybe you could tell if you plan to hand the machine over to someone else? If so the work involved might be quite extensive it seems!