Besides credit card details


I am really new here and was recommended by some friends to use Eraser to give my computer a thorough cleanup. It is gonna sound redundant but my question is does Eraser get rid of other 'things' besides credit card details and items in the recycle bin in the computer hard drive such as passwords, confidential files, bank accounts, social networking sites usernames and passwords, emails, cookies, and other computer and digital footprints that one would leave whether they are browsing or doing a search on the Internet, going on an online forum, watching an online streaming site or creating a document or program on the computer.

Hope someone can answer me on this.
If you want to totally purge the machine of all possible information then you need to use something like DBAN and reinstall the OS afterwards. Eraser is best suited to wiping individual files and old deleted data on the machine. It does not go hunting around for credit card details etc to wipe.