Best PST to PDF Converter Tool to Convert PST to PDF With Attachments

PST to PDF converter tool is a software program designed to convert PST files to PDF format. These tools are commonly used by individuals or businesses who want to archive, manage, or share their email messages and attachments in a more accessible format. PST files are created by Microsoft Outlook and contain all email messages, contacts, and other data associated with the email account.

PST to PDF converter tools offer several features to make the conversion process easier and more efficient. Some of these features include batch conversion, the ability to select specific emails or folders for conversion, and the option to convert email attachments to PDF format as well. Additionally, PST to PDF converter tools may offer advanced features such as the ability to password-protect PDF files or to automatically organize converted files into subfolders.

Steps to Convert PST to PDF With Attachments Using Best PST to PDF Converter Tool

Step 1:
Download and Install PST to PDF Converter Tool: The first step is to download and install a reliable PST to PDF converter tool.

Step 2: Select the PST File(s) for Conversion Once you have installed the PST to PDF converter tool, launch it and select the PST file(s) you want to convert to PDF. Most converter tools allow you to select multiple PST files for batch conversion.

Step 3:
Convert the PST File(s) to PDF After you have selected the PST file(s) and specified the PDF output settings, click on the "Convert" button to start the conversion process. Depending on the size of the PST file(s), the conversion process may take several minutes.

Step 4: Choose the PDF Output Settings Next, choose the PDF output settings, including the page size, orientation, and quality. You can also choose to include or exclude attachments, and specify the format in which to save the attachments (e.g., embedded, separate files).

Step 5:
Preview the Converted PDF File(s) with Attachments Once the conversion process is complete, you can preview the converted PDF file(s) with attachments. Check that the email messages and their attachments have been converted correctly, and that the formatting and layout of the email messages have been preserved.

In conclusion, converting PST files to PDF format with attachments can make it easier to manage and share email messages and their attachments. By following the above steps and choosing a reliable PST to PDF converter tool, you can convert PST files to PDF quickly and easily.